How’s It Work?

Our mission is to bring passionate outdoorsmen and women together to find the gear they need, all in one place. Backcountry Gear Exchange functions like any other online store, but we specialize in outdoor gear and vet all of our vendors. We accept PayPal and credit cards. All you have to do after you pay is wait for your item to arrive and put it to good use on your next adventure.

Looking to sell some gear? We’re here for you! We take 4.1% of every sale (that’s WAY less commission than eBay would on similar items) and charge no listing fees. PayPal takes a flat 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction, so price your item with this in mind as well. Once you sell an item, ship it however you wish within 72 hours. If it is going to take longer than 72 hours, you must communicate this fact in the product listing, along with an estimated shipping time. Uploading a tracking number for the item once it ships is not mandatory, but is highly encouraged. To become a vendor, simply apply when you’re creating your account and we will get in touch with you.